Paper Dresses by 4-Year Old Girl

Only four years and already incredibly gifted fashion. Early Mayhem designs dresses with her mom using a single material: paper. The little artist means her dresses with her mom and already has her website dedicated to these creations.
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Fresh Paint by Martin Klimas

Photographer Martin Klimas offers an experience out of the ordinary of depositing fresh paint on a speaker and then run it at full power, and then enter the moment with his camera.
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Celebrities as Neoclassical Paintings

With his Replace Face project, an artist has decided to draw his inspiration from English painter George Dawe who painted 329 portraits of Russian generals during Napoleon’s invasion. The project consists in updating the paintings by replacing the general’s face by a contemporary celebrity’s face.
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Big Bang House by Didier Faustino

The architect Didier Faustino, based in Paris and Lisbon imagined the “Big Bang House”, a futurist and dynamic building which appears to explode in the nature. It will be built in Matarranya in Spain, along 11 other vacation houses imagined by designers and architects.
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Amazing Sculptures by Ben Foster

Based in Kaikoura in New Zealand, the artist Ben Foster offers sculptures of incredible beauty. Playing on the balance of forms and movements, he knows how to use the space around the works to put it forward. His work includes various animal representations of the most beautiful effect.
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Giant Zipper Installations by Jun Kitagawa

Japanese artist Jun Kitagawa installs fasteners giant slide in public places throughout Japan. Works of art 2D and 3D appeared in buildings, walls, and even in public ponds, revealing a mysterious side of what lies beneath the surface of these zippers parted.
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First Motorcycle by Lotus “C-01″ by Daniel Simon

Developed under the collaborative leadership of racing team Kodewa, Lotus has announced their first motorcycle: the “C-01″ designed by Daniel Simon. The superbike’s powerunit comes in the form of a V-twin engine and features a distinctive body crafted entirely from carbon fiber, titanium and aerospace quality steel.

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