Blood of Grapes

The following creative bottle design created by Belarusian designer Constantin Bolimond is based around the concept of wine as the blood of grapes. The striking form is themed off a human heart to reference the fruit’s origin – France. The product is realized in black and white finishes, featuring a simple inverse typeface to communicate the wine’s label. The design brings a new meaning to the devil’s nectar. Take a look!
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Valentine's Day Photography

Wes Naman had slightly out of the box idea for Valentine's Day photos. Sweet bears, blooming flowers and big red hearts are usually attributes used in that kind of photography - but not this time. Only a lot of red is common with usual photos.
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Stylish Speaker BALLO

We`d like to show you creative speaker for your phone. The speaker BALLO for Hong Kong based brand OYO – Objects You Obsess provides massive sound for this tiny device. It comes with a built-in rechargeable Lithium battery and is compatible with most audio devices. The 3.5mm jack is a regular plug for headphones. When pluged-in, the speaker turns on automatically. The design follows principles of minimalistic design. A colourful belt fuses two hemispheres. It protects the speaker and increases the bass tones when lying on a surface. The BALLO speaker is available in ten different colours.

Emptyful Sculpture by Bill Pechet

Artist Bill Pechet has collaborated with lighting co-designer Chris Pekar of Lightworks and Lumenpulse to create the 35-foot-tall, 31-foot-wide “Emptyful” sculpture in the Millennium Library Plaza in Winnipeg, Canada.
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Beautiful Seascapes by Chip Phillips

Today we want to show you beautiful photos by Chip Phillips. Chip Phillips is a photographer based out of Spokane, Washington. He began his journey with photography in 2006 when his father gave him his Pentax Spotmatic film SLR camera. Soon after that, Chip made the transition to digital.
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Snow art

How could I think that my angel was a masterpiece? ;)
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Parabolica by Stefan Heiliger

The Parabolica chair was designed and created by designer Stefan Heiliger. This chair is a chair, turn that was to be compiled in a single curl. To such an organic piece for your home interior living room. The trim options ensure a very personal style. The asymmetric shape Parabolica three offers highly individual seating in a relaxed seating position, “normal”or the use of Parabolica as a workplace with more work space in the oversized armrests.


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