Spectacular Litter Bugs by Mark Oliver

British artist Mark Oliver has created a series of insects called “Litter Bugs” brought to life entirely from trash. Using eyeglass-arms for antennae and clock hands for legs, the species was developed in order to adapt to the harsh and changing urban landscape. The creatures are part of an invented genus, affectionately categorized in a document known as the “compendium of carabid and terrestrial detritus” – each one having been given their own title and scientific name, some based off the found objects they are built from.
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A Black Cloud of 30,000 Moths by Carlos Amorales

Mexican artist Carlos Amorales created a truly impressive Black Cloud installation by adorning the walls and the ceiling of the exhibition spaces with a swarm of black paper-cut moths of different sizes. 30,000 moths were attached manually by a team of 14 people, working round the clock for five days in a row.
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Creative Benches

Unusual and creative park benches designed by Danish artist Jeppe Hein. “Modified Social Benches” are great conversation starters. They inspire people to interact with one another and the bench itself.
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Unique Cutlery Set by Isaie Bloch

Aside of the functional aspect of tableware, silverware has always been and will perpetually be an ornamental figure. “Cutlery is unique in its ability to sustain time and carries a remarkable family heritage. Sets of knifes, spoons, forks have been passed on from generation to generation all over the globe, traveling the whole world as a piece of personal history. Key elements in the kitchen set by Belgian designer Isaïe Bloch explores the notion of decay/processing, ornamental and aesthetic excess as in former rococo and baroque times, moments of collapse/disequilibrium and a balance in between etiquette dining and torture tools by subverting the logic of perfection and beauty, non-perfect images coming from controlled methodologies are generated.”

Paviljoen Puur at Fort Diemerdam by Emma Architecten

Emma Architecten have completed a new visitors pavilion and cafe at Fort Diemerdam in Amsterdam. Paviljoen Puur is constructed over the plot of the old soldier’s shelter and the new plan was derived from the footprint of the original building. Architect Marten de Jong told Dezeen how the curves of the landscape inspired the undulating curves of the wooden walls, which angle in different directions so that in some places they face the ground and in others they point up towards the sky. Take a look!
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Drawn into Wonderland

Beliv is the fresh brand that embodies an elegant and desirable vision of fashion for women, highlighting their sensuality through the clean cuts and classy designs.
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Toilet Paper Installation

"Trans-layers" is a series of installations created by the Turkish artist Sakir Gokcebag who manages to find a creative use for toilet paper rolls on wide white walls.

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