“Six Tables on Water” by Gaetano Pesce

Today we want to pay your attention to exhibition of renowned Italian designer Gaetano Pesce at David Gill Gallery in London “Six Tables on Water”. Each piece conjuring the surface, depth and density of six expanses of water – oceans, lagoons, rivers, lakes, ponds and puddles. The limited edition table collection takes an imagined aerial views of each represented landscape, where they reflects on features such as steps leading up from the Venetian lagoon.

Fantastic Dog Portraits by Daniel Sadlowski

If you are a dog owner or simply love them then today’s post will bring you lot of pleasure. The following photos are captured by Duisburg-based photographer Daniel Sadlowski. They’re really fantastic! Check them and surely you will like them!
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World’s Best Father

American photographer Dave Engledow takes amazing and creative photos of himself and his adorable daughter Alice Bee. Hilarious images show the life of a distracted, self-absorbed, and totally clueless father who places his daughter in unsafe situations. Dave captures multiple photos and then combines them in Photoshop to create humorous portrait of dangerous and neglectful parenting. “World’s Best Father” calendar will be released later this year.
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Pipe Glass by Sebastian Bergne

Today we want to show you Pipe Glass designed by London-based Sebastian Bergne. This drinking vessel is an experimental piece that challenges the typology of a glass, while capturing the spirit of an old habit. Have fun!

Stunning Glass Sculptures by Robert Mickelson

Artist Robert Mickelson is an expert sculptor who had created the following stunning sculptures. Robert thinks that every sculpture is a reflection of person’s own feelings and ideas. Enjoy!
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Party Snails by Soul Fun

Take a look at these interesting snails for your party. Created by Soul Fun these little guys car be glass markers, tea bag holders, chopstick rests on the side of your plate. In any case they will bring some fun and joy to your party! Have fun!

Landscape Photography by Aly Wight

Aly Wight was born in Scotland and grew up in Edinburgh, Brussels and London. With a keen interest in art Aly studied sculpture at Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen. After graduating from his first degree he went on to pursue his long held interest in photography. After having studied in Glasgow Wight began assisting in London.
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