Stranger & Stranger Wine Packaging

Stranger & Stranger wine packaging delivers character and creative flair in a new series of wine label designs. These decorative paper sleeves wrap around wine bottles in a fashion inspired by prohibition-era packaging. Various ornate sleeves display a broad range of subjects spanning from quotes to recipes to vintage-style artwork. Unique packaging serves as a teaser for the consumer and lures them in to investigate what kind of wine is in the bottle beneath. Inspiration for Stranger & Stranger wrapping comes from Truett Hurst’s No.13 wine. Each package maintains a distinct and elegant design which inevitably catches a second-glance from fine wine shoppers.
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Stunning Landscapes by Patrick Hamilton

Let us show you amazing landscapes by talented photographer from USA Patrick Hamilton. Wondeful desert pictures from Algeria, stunning ices in the Alaskan wilds, magical Rapa Nui photos. Take a look! And you will love them!
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Art Works by Cally Whitham

Today we want to show you unusual photos captured by talented photographer Cally Whitham. “Cally is a photographic artist from New Zealand with romantic notions of finding value in banality. Her work identifies aesthetic value where none appears apparent and invites viewers to reflect on our rural beginnings. The images seek to capture those things that have become more favorable in the memory than in the seeing.” Have fun!
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Conrete by HandMadeFont

Professionals from Tallin based studio HandMadeFont created a series of concrete art objects. Take a look!

Bike Like a New Yorker

“Chair & Chair” by Tatiana Bortkevica

Let us show you sophisticated and at the same time distinctive line launch sofa “Chair & Chair” designed by Tatiana Bortkevica, a young professional interior and product designer based in Paris. Obviously it was inspired by one of the alphabet signs. This modern design handcrafted sofa can be presented in two versions: upholstered with black or mustard colour soft suede. Special combination of smoothly flowing form lines, colours and materials creates a truly artistic and dynamic piece of furniture.

HUSH Sleeping Chair

Private chair designed by Freyja Sewell allows people to rest, sleep, and escape from the world. Made out of 100% wool felt, warm and comfortable HUSH chair provides dark, quiet, and relaxing environment for body and mind.

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