Beautiful Art Photos by Marina Stenko

Today we`d like to make your day brighter with colourful and stylish photos by Ukrainian photographer Marina Stenko. Gentle and creative photos will carry you away into the world of beautiful girls, misty nature and flowers. Take a look! Hope you will like them!
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Human Pantone

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Creative Denim FAB28 Fridge

Smeg and Italia Independent contaminate the icons of the past to produce a new style icon. For over 60 years, Smeg have designed, and continue to design, appliances to adorn homesaround the world, and Italia Independent, a brand of creativity and style, have contaminated two icons: the FAB28 fridge and denim. This fridge is entirely covered in denim. Not just any fridge, not the usual type of jeans. The FAB28 with its colour range and its soft and rounded features is a leading player in everyday spaces, a functional yet decorative icon. The FAB28 denim, made in a limited number of just 500 pieces, will have its world premiere at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. Those who nurture a passion for Italian products should take up the invitation to see this original product, a highlight of Made-in-Italy, inventive design, imagination, and originality with an element of surprise.

AJORI by photoAlquimia

Today we want to show you creative cruet with the form of garlic. Called AJORÍ and created by photoAlquimia it became a winner of the first prize of Crafts of Castilla La Mancha 2011 in the category of design applied to the crafts. Have fun!

The Biggest Marketing Fail

Shell decided with the help of the Internet community to improve its image. For this purpose, they created a special contest in which anyone could create a proposal for a billboard advertisement of Arctic drilling, which supposedly are "safe and environmentally friendly.". They wanted cheap ad but they get what they somehow didn't expected :)

Words as Images

Creative illustrations by New York based artist Ji Lee show the meaning of different words. The goal was to create visual representation of a word, using only the letters that are contained within the word itself.
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Creative “Utriai Residence”

It’s not a wierd fantasy of an architect and it’s not a concept house. It’s a real house located in a small town called Vežaičiai in Klaipėda County of western Lithuania. Called Utriai Residence it was conceptualized by Lithuanian studio G.Natkevicius & Partners. Hope you’ll like it!
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Artist Creates Amazing

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