Ara Solis

Cement Dragon

I love Japanese dragon. This one made by Yang Yongliang looks great.

Scotch Tape Sculptures 2012

It's a proof that you can do awesome things with simplest materials. Jake Longenecke used 15 rolls of Scotch packaging tape to create his sculpture called "Free Falling" representing World War II paratrooper and he won The Scotch Off the Roll Tape Sculpture Contest, sponsored by 3M. Jake Longenecker beat out more than 100 entries and took home the $5,000 cash prize.
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Graphics by Tim Shumate

Zach Bush illustrations


Social Media Shoes

Lumen Bigott created nice collection of social media shoes. First, he took correct color or patter, then he used logos and icons of Google, Twitter, Dribbble, Flickr, Wikipedia and Facebook.

Sweets for Your Feet

Tavira Hotel Extension

Perito Moreno Glacier

Hyperrealistic paintin

Predatory beauty of th

Andrew Pearce

Parabolica by Stefan H

Concept Cars from the

Lens Between Us

Life In Indonesian Vil

Giant Sculptures

Chinook Arc by Creativ

Little Scenes Made in

America by Van Styles

Creative Mandarin Pouf

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Artworks by Kassandra

Burning Man 2014 Serie

Wood Sculptures by Ben