Think Invisible

Think invisible by Adri Bodor and Mark Szulyovszky
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Ping Pong

"Box / Box" is an apartment based in Brooklyn and designed by architect Daniel Arsham. More than 25,000 tennis balls were used to cover all walls.

Elephant chair

Some time ago we where writing about unusual furniture by Maximo Reira. Previously he made octopus and walrus and rhino chairs. This time he extended his splendid collection by elephant.

Watercolor paintings by Silvia Pelissero

Fabric Softener


Cute “Marina’s Bird” Lamps Collection

This cute lamp in the form of bird is a part of avian-themed collection “Marina’s Bird” created by Belarus design studio Fajno. Collection consists of a few ceiling and lamps in the form of our feathered friends. Made of wood and glass such lamps will bring some playful mood to any interior space. Take a look and we do think that you will like it!
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Super Mario Aquarium

Jogging on the roof


Playing with Light

Nokia Ovi Maps

40 Weeks and a Mirror

Wood Typography

Modern Sofa Do-Lo-Rez

Wooden clocks

Surf Sauna

Maria Cristina Belucci

Magical Pebble Paths

Photos of the same pla

Book #THREE by Brand N

Paper Craft Castle

Eat the road with thes

Knitted Food by Ed Bin

Volcanic Basalt Furnit

Snow tunnels in Kamcha

International Origami