Philosophy Posters

Max Temkin uses to find founds to create a series of ten philosophy posters with quotes that represent some of his favourite thinkers and ideas. Max wants to make high quality prints and sell them over internet.

Gaultier Loves it Light

Jean Paul Gaultier is the new creative director of Diet Coke Europe, thus he replaced Karl Lagerfeld on that position. This time it was Gaultier will be responsible for bottles and cans of this very popular drink.

Creative Speakers “Wrenz Birdies”

The following cute birds aren’t a toy as it could be seems by the first glance. Designer Yvette Yeo has created compact and stylish wireless speakers in the form of tiny birds. Wrenz Birdies created on request of the firm Gavio with amazing creativity which is rarely seen in such electronic products. It has an output product of 2 W unit, frequency response is 180Hz – 20kHz, and SNR is 85 dB. Operating voltage is 3.7 V and it has a 300 mAh battery capacity. You can charge it using the USB cable. There is even a Swarowski edition but I think the original one is the best.
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Creative “FaceOn” Plates by Bogusław Śliwiński

Boguslaw Sliwinski from poland created new series of plates that turn your meals into hairstyles for the faces they depict. Called FaceOn, each ceramic plate bears one of six silhouettes. They’re produced to order in two sizes and can be ordered via the designer’s website. Take a look!

Hand-Cut Paper Art

Invisible Bookshelf

Let us show you cool and innovative book shelf called “Conceal book shelf” by Umbra. It’s made of powder coated steel and hangs simply on the wall with the included hardware. Its design is quite simple but creates illusion that book shelf isn’t even exists and all books in your room float in the air. It holds up to 15 pounds of books. Your friend will be amazed for sure.

Multifunctional “Mister T” by Antoine Lesur

Multifunctional become more and more popular and the following example is for sure worth for your attention. “Mister T” was created by Paris-based designer Antoine Lesur for French firm Oxyo. Oxyo claims that it “edits objects for the modern lifestyle” and this item is a part of its first collection. As you could see “Mister T” isn’t just one thing. Consisting of a basket, a tray and two cushions it carries many functions and can serve as a low table, a tray, a seat, a footrest.

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