Looney Tunes

David Krakov created series of out of the box artworks with characters like Daffy Duck, Roadrunner and Coyote and Porky Pig.

Christmas Tea

Christmas is about getting together with the people we are close with. That is why each tree comes with two tea bags. Christmas Tea encourages you to spend time with a dear person while you drink a hot beverage.
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Intuition Table by Koket

Swirling two-tone metal ribbon creates an elegant and beautiful table. Called “Intuition Table” and created by Koket it’s be suitable for enhance an elegant ambience and make your room bright and inviting.

Extravagant Jewelry by Vionnet

This stunning collection of jewelry was created by designers of old French brand Vionnet. Playing with form, colour, materials and proportions transformed to absolutely creative rings including a square or triangular rings. The collection of extravagant jewelry spring-summer 2012 you can see the rings, bracelets and pendants made of gold, frozen in the most unusual ways. Volume and geometry – the main theme of fresh line. If you dreamt about such jewelry you should pay attention to the new collection from Vionnet.
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Fiona Kruger’s Unusual Watches “Memento Mori”

Fiona Krüger, a recent graduate of ECAL/university of arts and design, has created unusual watches called “Memento Mori”. The timepiece reinterprets the theme of mortality in watch-making. The luxury watch appreciates the mexican imagery of Dia de los Muertos. This luxury watch presents human skull detailed with decorative, gold metal work. The watch case is literally shaped like a skull, fashioned from solid silver and mineral hand cut glass and is engraved by hand. Take a look!
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Creative Branding for Point G

Chez Valois Branding & Design is a Montreal-based agency that designs premium brands with a real commercial edge. The award-winning team offers expertise in brand strategy, brand identity and visual/structural packaging design, while ensuring the cohesion and success of your brand throughout all others communications: website, advertising campaigns, marketing initiatives, etc. Chez Valois was mandated in 2011 to review the overall identity of the Point G brand. "Our challenge was to create an intimacy, an interaction with the consumer, in a way that makes the initiated smile and charms even the most timid."

“Monochrome” Still Life Photos by Athena Melton

Photographer Athena Melton is a real fan of colour and you can easily understand it looking to these gorgeous still life photographs. Athena explores the power color holds over our imagination, while suggesting narratives about the personal belongings she collects in each frame. Have fun!
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