Medieval Inspired Jewellery Collection

These cool jewellery collection is created by Swiss designer Miriam Josi. The collection is called Jeanne d’Arc. The basic elements of collection are coat of arms, crown and lily. Golden and silver jewelry can be worn as rings or as pendants on chains. ,
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Beauty Photos by Robert Jaso

These beauty photos are created by photographer Robert Jaso. Robert started his career as a model and after he reached pretty good results in this field he decided to see model world under other angle. Now he works with the best Hair/Make up and Stylist crew.
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Double Exposure Portraits

The images shown were all created "in camera". The change in tones, removal of odd blemishes and the addition of some vector was all minimal post production work, created using PS and AI.

Duracell Promo Packaging

By Spencer Bigum: Batteries don’t just power cool things, anymore. They are the cool things. With this new package design for Duracell, I created a promotional tool to get people excited about the batteries they buy. I used icons from popular culture, like Star Wars, to help the Duracell brand stand out on the shelf from its competitors. It gives people a chance to connect directly with the product in a way that other brands don't. Who knows, maybe in 50 years we’d see this packaging up at a collector’s auction. The new package is made of 100% recycled cardboard and uses the back of the "original" battery package as the front for a larger canvas, which is why there isn't a need for a clear plastic case to hold the batteries anymore. A few other ideas for other pop-culture references were included to see how the system could work.

Tetrabox Light by Ed Chew

Tetrabox Light by Ed Chew
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Cement Factory

A former Cement Factory is now the workspace and residence of Ricardo Bofill

Handcut Paper

Hand made papercuts

Big Dogs Caring For Li

Bruno Bisang Photograp

The Animal Chair Colle

Textures of Time


Jason Lee & His kids

360 Shelf Storage

Banpo Bridge Rainbow F

Lanscapes of Australia

Clear sky over the Alq

The twins from Iceland

The Unholy Wine Collec

Tendril / 2010 Reel

A Toddler and His Dog

High Speed Photography

Monina Velarde - Lift

Mansfield House In Los

My dear deer - Paper c

Dreamscapes by Alexand

Just in Case Kit