Magistral Cabinet by Sebastian Errazuriz

The Magistral Cabinet is created by New York-based artist and designer, Sebastian Errazuriz. This amazing sculptural cabinet comes with a protective layer that’s made of 80,000 bamboo skewers. A team of 12 woodworkers took 6 weeks to hammer each skewer into the carved wooden structure.

Emotion proof

Are you emotional proof? Are your cosmetics?

Madonna Mia

Beautiful photos by Antonina Dolani


Taxi are not allways yellow

Black white jewellery

Very oryginal jewellery design.
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Chocolate Art

Here are some wonderfully creative art works and sculptures all constructed via the medium of chocolate.

Absolut Vodka limited bottles

Swedish Absolut Vodka is well known Vodka brand all around the World. For all you Vodka drinkers we’re bringing a collection of hot Absolut Vodka design bottles.
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Blood of Grapes

Earth from Space

Remarkable Collection

A LEGO Hotel in Florid

Moving Without Mom

Renault Eolab Concept

Creative Fruit Packagi


Eat fork

Amazing photos by Mikk

Happines Brewery

Meet Norm

Polite House Architect

The most epic sports p

Tree House Bedroom

Empty Silent London

The most beautiful sta

Airplane Hotel in the

Spectacular Litter Bu

Coffee table with carp