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“Chair & Chair” by Tatiana Bortkevica

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Let us show you sophisticated and at the same time distinctive line launch sofa “Chair & Chair” designed by Tatiana Bortkevica, a young professional interior and product designer based in Paris. Obviously it was inspired by one of the alphabet signs. This modern design handcrafted sofa can be presented in two versions: upholstered with black or mustard colour soft suede. Special combination of smoothly flowing form lines, colours and materials creates a truly artistic and dynamic piece of furniture.
“Chair & Chair”

“Chair & Chair”

“Chair & Chair”

“Chair & Chair”

“Chair & Chair”

“Chair & Chair”

“Chair & Chair”

“Chair & Chair”

Tags: alphabet dynamic artistic material line colour combination interior design sofa Chair & Chair suede Tatiana Bortkevica furniture design
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