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Bzzz Honey Packaging Design

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Take a look at creative packaging design made by Backbone Studio from Armenia. "The most tasty honey is in the beehive. But it is impossible to buy it in a market - it was impossible. Designers of Backbone Studio have made it out of wood and hid the can with honey into the improvised beehive. Simple but simultaneously original wooden wrapper is the message to the nature, ecology and pure taste."
Backbone Studio

Backbone Studio

Honey packaging design

Honey packaging design

 Creative packaging design

Creative packaging design

 Backbone Studio

Backbone Studio

Packaging design

Packaging design

Honey packaging design

Honey packaging design

Tags: creative honey Backbone Studio pure nature design wood bee beehive taste packaging
Posted by creoflick 6 years, 9 months ago from: http://www.backbonecreative.com/

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