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Beautiful Joya Crystal Rings

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London-based brand Joya take inspiration from Africa and it’s hardly a surprise that Joya’s latest muse is crystallized rock. However, they’ve pulled it off swimmingly and with complete elegance. After molten rock was pushed up to the Earth’s surface many years ago, cooling followed, bringing about crystallization of solid rock. The unique crystal called drusy, today finely crafted into beautiful gemstones with an incredible shine. You’ll surely like Drusy Crystals – gemstones with a specific shape, texture and are incredibly shiny.
Drusy crystals

Drusy crystals

Joya jewelry

Joya jewelry

Crystal ring

Crystal ring

Beautiful gemstones

Beautiful gemstones

Tags: gemstone shape shine interesting Drusy beautiful incredible surface elegance rock Africa inspiration Joya ring unique jewelry
Posted by creoflick 6 years, 10 months ago from: http://www.joya.co.za/

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