Brand Identity for 5 Olive Oil

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When we’re talking about olive oil we used to see quite standard bottles. But not this time. Today we will show you very unusual packaging design for a new premium series of Greek extra virgin olive oil. “5″ stands for quintessence in olive oil. Brand identity and packaging design were developed by design team Designers United that was brought into being by acclaimed art directors Dimitris Koliadimas and Dimitris Papazoglou in order to engage visual research and systematic methodology into the design process. Have fun!
5 Olive Oil

5 Olive Oil

5 Olive Oil

5 Olive Oil

5 Olive Oil

5 Olive Oil

5 Olive Oil

5 Olive Oil

5 Olive Oil

5 Olive Oil

Tags: methodology visual Dimitris Papazoglou Dimitris Koliadimas art Designers United brand design identity packaging unusual bottle olive oil “5″ packaging
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