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Bright and Positive DIDI Chair

Info 1
Quite interesting DIDI chair was created by Danish designers busk+hertzog for Globe Zero 4. The colouring for the chairs are bright greens, orange and red.
Iinteresting DIDI chair

Iinteresting DIDI chair

Chair designed by busk+hertzog

Chair designed by busk+hertzog

Bright DIDI chair

Bright DIDI chair

Chairs for Globe Zero 4.

Chairs for Globe Zero 4.

DIDI Chairs

DIDI Chairs

Tags: Globe Zero 4. style colour busk+hertzog orange red green bright interior design furniture home DIDI chair seating furniture design
Posted by creoflick 8 years, 4 months ago from: www.busk-hertzog.dk: http://www.globezero4.dk

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