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Coffee in Salvador

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Coffee and lunch at the famous surrealist? Welcome to Riga.

Salvador Dali is considered one of the greatest artists of the modern world. Latvian interior designer Anna Butel, working in the annvil studio, created the interior of the cafe Dali, drawing inspiration from the work of the famous surrealist. The space is arranged in a very original way, and the center of the project is a bar with a fantastic shape, over which hangs an interesting installation. Surreal decor in honor of genius.
Cafe Dali

Cafe Dali

Cafe Dali

Cafe Dali

Cafe Dali

Cafe Dali

Cafe Dali

Cafe Dali

Cafe Dali

Cafe Dali

Cafe Dali

Cafe Dali

Tags: Riga interior design installation surrealist Anna Butel space Salvador Dali lunch coffee cafe fantastic surreal shape bar architecture
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