Colourful tunnel painting by Geert Mul

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Brightening this tunnel in the Netherlands ‎is a permanent art installation by dutch media artist, Geert Mul. Previously located on the site was the house of the famous dutch scientist and astronomer, Christiaan Huygens, a leader in the wave theory of light and motion, he also made further discoveries regarding the planet Saturn. Lining the wall of the dark tunnel is a colourful painting that is illuminated by LED lights - fittingly the artwork is a tribute to the extension of seeing and features images relating to the scientist's breakthroughs. The project was commissioned by Gemeente Voorburg/Leidschendam.
 Geert Mul

Geert Mul

 Geert Mul

Geert Mul

 Geert Mul

Geert Mul

 Geert Mul

Geert Mul

 Geert Mul

Geert Mul

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