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Disambigua – Unambiguous Concept by DiciannoveDieciDesig

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Modern life needs universal things. The bathtube called Disambigua by DiciannoveDieciDesign is completely universal. One turn it’s a bathtub, another turn and it’s a washbasin. It would be perfect for small bathrooms.
Disambigua Design

Disambigua Design

DiciannoveDieciDesig`s Design

DiciannoveDieciDesig`s Design

Bathtube Design

Bathtube Design

Tags: design interior furniture idea concept bathroom bathtub washbasin small DiciannoveDieciDesig Disambigua unambiguous univesal interior design
Posted by creoflick 8 years, 6 months ago from: www.diciannovediecidesign.it

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