Fiona Kruger’s Unusual Watches “Memento Mori”

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Fiona Krüger, a recent graduate of ECAL/university of arts and design, has created unusual watches called “Memento Mori”. The timepiece reinterprets the theme of mortality in watch-making. The luxury watch appreciates the mexican imagery of Dia de los Muertos. This luxury watch presents human skull detailed with decorative, gold metal work. The watch case is literally shaped like a skull, fashioned from solid silver and mineral hand cut glass and is engraved by hand. Take a look!
“Memento Mori”

“Memento Mori”

“Memento Mori”

“Memento Mori”

“Memento Mori”

“Memento Mori”

“Memento Mori”

“Memento Mori”

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