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Flip Coffeecup Chair

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Daisuke Motogi Architecture has added a new chair, shaped like a coffee cup, to its growing Flip furniture collection. Flip furniture changes function when flipped. Coffeecup is a low table that turns into either a small armchair or higher chair with a low back. Made of lightweight urethane, the chairs are easy to flip, so light a child can flip them without any help. In addition to Flip chair, Flip stool and Flip rocking chair, the series now includes; Flip-coffeecup, Flip-table and Flip-chair-kids.
Daisuke Motogi Architecture

Daisuke Motogi Architecture



Flip furniture collection

Flip furniture collection

Flip furniture

Flip furniture

Coffeecup chair

Coffeecup chair

Daisuke Motogi Architecture

Daisuke Motogi Architecture

Tags: shape rocking chair urethane Daisuke Motogi Architecture coffee Coffeecup kid Flip collection idea furniture function cup chair armchair table interior design
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