Fox Movies for Fox Japan

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By Nando Costa:
I was invited by Argentina's FOX network to create the identity of one of their new channels to be launched in South America and Japan. Entitled "Fox Movies", the channel's content is comprised of Sci-fi and Horror related material.

My approach was based on the concept "The Other Side", which refers to stereotypes in science fiction material such as speculations of another dimension. Concrete blocks populating the various scenes of grassy fields behave as symbols for the so called "Other Side" and were loosely inspired by artist Donald Judd.

During the production of these animations I had the pleasure of collaborating with processing artist Robert Hodgin to create a complex flock of birds entangled in strings. Robert utilized a single bird cycle that we've made to create an application that allowed us to control and generate animations of the flock in an intricate flight dance. After some compositing and styling these animations became the identity of the channel's horror segment.

The music and sound design were created by our very own Darrin Wiener aka Plastiq Phantom. By playing, sampling and processing eerie sounds created from a violimba and various kalimbas, then further sending the signals through an array of analog gear such as reel to reel players, Moog synthesizers and pedals, Darrin created more than 20 different original tracks for the channel's identity.
Fox Movies for Fox Japan

Fox Movies for Fox Japan

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