Hair Conditioner

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ECD: Gastón Bigio Head of Art: Jonathan Gurvit Creatives: Ignacio Ferioli / Joaquin Cubria Producer: Marcelo Ramos / Valeria Pinto

Production Company: El.Ei Studios Director: Jonathan Gurvit
Ejecutive Producers: Sebastián Lopez / Rodrigo Carvajal DOP: Alejandro Giulani Editor: Sabrina Mottino Music: Andres Cortes

Postproduction: Bleed VFX VFX Supervisor: Paolo Cavalieri. Lead Compositor: Sergio Pickelny. Post-Production Producer: Valeria Andino. Executive Producer: Ezequiel Naya 3D Artists: Alejandro Ruiz, Pedro Casavecchia. Compositing: Ariel Picone, Pablo Biondi. Colour: Che Revolution Post
Hair Conditioner

Hair Conditioner

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