Lamborghini Avenger Watch by Marko Petrovic

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Automotive enthusiast and at the same time designer from Serbia Marko Petrovic created concet of unusual timepiece Avenger. Inspired by ultramodern angular super car, the Lamborghini Aventador, the Avenger watch also looks ultramodern. Signature black and orange of the Aventador, and complex engineering into a vertical tourbillion presented much in the same way as the car’s engine and transparent cover. Have fun!
Avenger Watch

Avenger Watch

Watch by Marko Petrovic

Watch by Marko Petrovic

Ultramodern watch

Ultramodern watch

Watch inspired an ultramodern car

Watch inspired an ultramodern car

Avenger Watch by Marko Petrovic

Avenger Watch by Marko Petrovic

Tags: modern timepeace unusual automotive enthusiast designer time fashion Avenger design watch Lamborghini Marko Petrovic Lamborghini Aventador signature car black orange transparent cover engine accesories
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