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Hat and Cap Lamps

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Everyday objects used in unexpected ways always add some originality to interior. And Hat Lamp by YOO Mars Hwasung is an excellent example. You can easily understand where did designer get his inspiration. In addition to this elegant lamp here is Cap Lamp. It’s a desk lamp with a baseball cap shade. YOO Mars Hwasung is definitely taking the ordinary and developing intriguing creations.
Cap Lamps

Cap Lamps

Hat Lamp

Hat Lamp

Hat Lamp

Hat Lamp

Hat Lamp

Hat Lamp

 Cap Lamps

Cap Lamps

 Cap Lamps

Cap Lamps

Tags: Cap Lamp desk lamp Hat Lamp elegant inspiration design excellent hat interior YOO Mars Hwasung lamp lighting
Posted by creoflick 6 years, 11 months ago from: www.mars-hwasung.com

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