Le Nuage by Wout Wessemius

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Netherlands-based Wout Wessemius designed handmade light that resembles a cloud. Le Nuage is made from polyester wadding, each light is one of a kind with its own unique shape. The energy-saving bulbs create both ambient and functional light. A plastic shell that diffuses light and creates variegated colours surrounds the light bulb to give the illusion that the sun is shining through the clouds. Take a look!
Le Nuage

Le Nuage

Le Nuage

Le Nuage

Le Nuage

Le Nuage

Le Nuage

Le Nuage

Le Nuage

Le Nuage

Tags: handmade Wout Wessemius Le Nuage lamp lighting light cloud sun polyester wadding shape unique energy-saving bulb functional illusion lighting
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