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Medieval Inspired Jewellery Collection

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These cool jewellery collection is created by Swiss designer Miriam Josi. The collection is called Jeanne d’Arc. The basic elements of collection are coat of arms, crown and lily. Golden and silver jewelry can be worn as rings or as pendants on chains. ,
Jeanne d’Arc by Miriam Josi

Jeanne d’Arc by Miriam Josi

Jewellery design

Jewellery design

Jewellery Collection

Jewellery Collection

Medieval inspired jewellery

Medieval inspired jewellery

Miriam Josi `s ring

Miriam Josi `s ring

Pendants on chains

Pendants on chains

Tags: shape contemporary coat of arm lily crown Jeanne d’Arc chain Miriam Josi golden silver ring collection idea medieval cool design jewellery
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