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Modern Floor Lamp Octopus

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Design of this modern LED floor lamp called “Octopus” was inspired by the underwater behaviors of the amazing octopus – the way it stretches out its tentacles and emerges from the seabed, revealing its curious shape and colorus. LumineXence will produce only 120 items.
Floor lamp called Octopus

Floor lamp called Octopus

Modern floor lamp

Modern floor lamp

Unique lamp Octopus

Unique lamp Octopus

Floor lamp Octopus

Floor lamp Octopus

Modern foor lamp Octopus

Modern foor lamp Octopus

Tags: unique colour shape amazing LumineXence lighting Octopus floor lamp underwater light modern LED lighting
Posted by creoflick 8 years, 3 months ago from: www.luminexence.com

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