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Nature Inspired Wooden Furniture

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This wooden furniture was designed to bring "landscape qualities into the interior". Designed by Netherlands-based designer Janina Loeve this wooden furniture set "Tettonica" consists of minimalist stool and table. Made of plywood Okoume, this lightweight pieces are constructed by a series of layers rings pile up together, simulating the shape of a canyon or mountain. Both hollow pieces, the table has a transparent glass on top that gives the impression of a more ample space, and the stool has a removable cushion to cover the hole.
Furniture set Tettonica

Furniture set Tettonica

Wooden furniture

Wooden furniture

Furniture set

Furniture set

Furniture designed by Janina Loeve

Furniture designed by Janina Loeve

Nature inspired furniture

Nature inspired furniture

Tags: cushion space glass interesting creative futniture wooden nature wood interior design idea Janina Loeve set stool table Tettonica minimalist designer plywood canyon mountain table shape transparent furniture design
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