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Open Space cosmote

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Open Space is the work that we did for Cosmokarta the pre paid card of Cosmote ( A major mobile phone operator in Greece)!For the first time in Greece a prepaid card offered free airtime to speak/ connect with people from other networks so in our ad we tried to depict a wold without borders "Best things happen when you are open to the world" our key main message!

Agency: Bold Ogilvy
Client: Cosmote
Executive Creative Director Giannis Sideris
Creative Director George Adamantidis
Copy Mirto Politi
Art direction Dorothea Lamprinopoulou
Strategic planning Marina Triantafillidou, Michael Paredrakos
Account handling Elias Mavidis, Panagiotis Christofis, Alexandra Gliati
Film Direction by Andrew Margetson and Benjamin Edwards
Song by Tobias Froberg What a day!
Open Space cosmote

Open Space cosmote

Tags: advertising What a day Tobias Froberg inspiration creative create creativity advert ad ad Cosmokarta advertisement commercial Cosmote Bold Ogilvy
Posted by creoflick 9 years, 5 months ago from: www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh9KPVlCEgk

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