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From Paul Roberts was born in Tiverton Devon in 1948. Brought up by artist parents in Wales. He studied at Newport, Cardiff and Goldsmiths colleges of Art. Gaining early recognition in the 1970's his career as a painter was interrupted when he had worldwide success with the rockband Sniff'n'The Tears in 1978. Commitments to music meant that until 2000 time needed to develop his career as a painter was to some degree curtailed. In 1988 he moved with his family to Somerset, where he has continued to paint and make music. His work can currently be seen at the Plus One Gallery London.
Buttoning the red dress

Buttoning the red dress

Drinking in the stream

Drinking in the stream

The Accordonist

The Accordonist

Little sister

Little sister

Treading water

Treading water

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