Philou le Caribou: From Shade To Life

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Philou le Caribou is a smart cardboard trophy deer head created by designers Maxime Dubreucq, Vincent Claudepierre and Benoit Louzaouen. Powered by a low temperature LED (lower fire risk and electricity consumption), Philou is assembled out of 23 pieces, laser-cut in recycled cardboard, for a better logistic and sustainability. It’s a fun piece of decor during the day, but nighttime is when it really shines. A light at the nose produces a large, looming deer head shadow effect. Nice explorations! That’s sure to be a conversation starter as a home decor.
Philou le Caribou

Philou le Caribou

Philou le Caribou

Philou le Caribou

Philou le Caribou

Philou le Caribou

Tags: shadow nose light Benoit Louzaouen Vincent Claudepierre Maxime Dubreucq Philou le Caribou head trophy deer inspiration
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