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Satico Promo Images by Aleksey and Marina

Info 1
The following promo images were created by photographer Aleksey Kozlov and fashion designer Marina Khlebnikova from studio Aleksey and Marina for Satico catalogue. Satico company makes elite hair cosmetics in Japan and offers a few lines of cosmetics: "Yu Sato", "Tsuya Code", "Yudzu", "Shisoha". Aleksey and Marina tried to show a sense of lines in their promo images.
Yu Sato line

Yu Sato line

Shisoha line

Shisoha line

Yudzu line

Yudzu line

Tsuya Code line

Tsuya Code line

Tags: Japan line photographer cosmetic Marina Khlebnikova Satico Aleksey Kozlov Yu Sato Promo Tsuya Code Yudzu Shisoha addition hair art works
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