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Studio Libel’s Pillow Pots

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Israeli design team Studio Libel created absolutely creative Willo Collection,Boxa Collection and Cactu Collection . These series consist of unique, plush planters that look like interior pillows. Each pillow top is made from quality textiles. Studio Libel offers a variety of colours and patterns to match any interior. Created from waterproof fabrics the pillow bottom keeps dry and clean. The pillows can be a good decoration of your living room, indoor patio or bedroom. Take a look!
Cactu Collection

Cactu Collection

Willo Collection

Willo Collection

Willo Collection

Willo Collection

Cactu Collection

Cactu Collection

Boxa Collection

Boxa Collection

Tags: Cactu Collection Boxa Collection creative comfort detail functionality quality durability textile product innovation freshness interior indoor environment decorating house Studio Libel pillow design pot colour Willo Collection unique waterproof living room indoor patio bedroom stylish stuff
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