Surrealistic Landscape Light Installation by Barry Underwood

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Artist Barry Underwood photographs wonderfully mysterious light installations that he installs on-site in forests, mountainsides, or near lakes and rivers. By reading the landscape and altering the vista through lights and photographic effects, Underwood transforms everyday scenes into unique images. Light and colour alter the perception of space, while de-familiarizing common objects. The light and colour enables an abstract quality to overtake the ordinary natural surroundings. Underwood’s efforts result in a surrealistic cinematographic or theatrically-minded photographic story.
Aurora, 2007

Aurora, 2007

Brush Brook, 2012

Brush Brook, 2012

Ferns, 2012

Ferns, 2012

Fish II, 2003

Fish II, 2003

Trace (Yellow), 2008

Trace (Yellow), 2008

Trace (Blue), 2008

Trace (Blue), 2008

Tags: story natural wonderfully Barry Underwood mysterious light forest installation mountain lake river landscape effect unique colour space abstract photography
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