Temporary Water Slide in Bristol by Luke Jerram

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Park and Slide is a project dreamt up by Bristol based artist Luke Jerram. Enabling the people of Bristol, United Kingdom, to navigate the streets of their city in a new way, this temporary 90m water slide is a simple architectural intervention and a playful response to the urban landscape.
The slide will be on Park Street, a well-known main street which links Clifton with central Bristol. It’s steep incline and prominent location makes it perfect for the slide site.
Park and Slide will be presented as part of Bristol City Council’s ‘Make Sundays Special’ programme, enabling people to see their city in a new light. For the event, Park Street will be closed to traffic and dominated by people not cars. The slide will be free for the public to use.
Park and Slide

Park and Slide

Park and Slide

Park and Slide

Park and Slide

Park and Slide

Park and Slide

Park and Slide

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