The Twelve Showreel 2010

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By The Twelve:
So you’re thinking “this is yet another rock band uninspiredly squeezing “The” before their name”.. Well think again, for we actually are a studio specializing in creating image – on any currently known or unknown media.

Now we could launch into the boring still charming story of picking The Twelve as a name because this number shows up at least once in each our dates of birth, and, for the sake of symbolism, tell you how countless things connect us to the number 12.

Instead we’ll just say our strong personalities work perfectly well together. Call it intuitive collaboration, gifted teamwork or even synergy, this is one of our main assets.

Our quite unconventional profiles have shaped along our professional careers – as directors in communication agencies and productions companies or as freelancers, in France and around the world. Our respective backgrounds now allow our broad expertise to cover the whole realm of visual creation and communication.

Art direction, video, photography, graphic and web design, 3D and motion design is where The Twelve is at their best
The Twelve Showreel 2010

The Twelve Showreel 2010

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