Unique Porcelain Flower Vase-FlexVase

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This unique flower vase is deigned by Arjan van Raadshooven and Anieke Branderhorst. It consists of a base part with three different inserts, that can be exchanged to adapt the vase according the height or size of the bouquet it holds. Simple and yet stylish design and absolute universality make this vase desirable stuff in each home.
FlexVase design

FlexVase design

Flower vase

Flower vase

Porcelain vase

Porcelain vase

Unique porcelain flower vase

Unique porcelain flower vase

FlexVase vase

FlexVase vase

Tags: Anieke Branderhorst Arjan van Raadshooven interior home stuff vase industrial design jar flower decorating unique FlexVase porcelain vij5 bouquet height creative solution size universality stylish simple desirable stylish stuff
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