Wooden Tea Lounge by Studio Pha

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The Studio pha, based in Czech Republic, has designed the interior of the T Lounge in Prague: a shop proposing to drink and buy tea. Imagined all in wood, with a central skylight allowing a beautiful light, this store features a circular space framed by structures looking like encrusted and undulating blades.

Design: Studio pha – Marek Deyl, Jan Šesták
Cooperation: Martin Vybíral
Contractor: Bernt Interiery
Building design: KPS stavby
Photography by Filip Šlapal.
T Lounge

T Lounge

T Lounge

T Lounge

T Lounge

T Lounge

T Lounge

T Lounge

T Lounge

T Lounge

T Lounge

T Lounge

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