Chalk for Puma

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PUMA, CHALK TABLE. When did sports become so serious? When did being an athlete require you to sacrifice your life? Shouldn’t playing a sport actually involve playing? Let’s bring back the social aspects of sports. Capturing joyful, active moments of life, for a different kind of athlete: The After Hours Athlete. Introducing the CHALK ping-pong table, designed by aruliden for PUMA. Redefining the ping-pong table for that after hours athlete. Made by hand, the chalk table incorporates ash wood legs and a ceramic chalk surface – bringing a whole new spin to the game.
Chalk for Puma

Chalk for Puma

Chalk for Puma

Chalk for Puma

Chalk for Puma

Chalk for Puma

Chalk for Puma

Chalk for Puma

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