Ice Cream Posters

Eye-catching posters designed by Renata El Dib look like ice cream cones. Creative posters were commissioned by Kibon ice cream company.
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Creative Bras

Cool and unusual bras inspired by cartoons, video games, and pop culture. Hand painted bras are designed, made, and sold by SceeneShoes.
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Cuatro Almas (Four Souls)

Created by creative team GRANtipo with creative director Sergio Daniel García the following wine collection was designed for Señorío de Somalo using a unique range of materials. "The project consisted of creating a series of graphic elements that, putting aside the established canons, are able to be sustained over time, emphasizing on the innovation of their materials. We wanted to take a good product, the wine from the Bodegas Señorío de Somalo, and turn it into something unique with a collection of limited edition bottles packed with information, with the use of BIDI codes, which offer us the possibility of creating minimalist labels, expandable with a simple gesture: when scanning the code with a mobile we’re literally taking you into the world of the winery. The collection’s name is Cuatro Almas (Four Souls). The “souls” represents the different varieties that the winery hosts. The whole collection is about this number: four collections with four bottles each: - Chess / Steel: Pawn, Horse, Queen and King. Allows us to maintain the wine with an optimum temperature in the bureau - Poker / Packaging of cork: Hearts (Young Wine), Clubs (Nurture), Diamonds (Reserve) and Picas (Grand Reserve). The cork becomes a canvas of memories, where you can pin photos, etc. - Spanish Deck / Wood: Bastos, Swords, Coins, Cups. - Hand, Stone, Paper, Scissors / Sandpaper.
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Bionic Tower by LAVA

The intention of the Bionic Tower is to explore the array of ways in which natural and architectural can merge, creating the ultimate inhabitable structure. It starts at the basic level. Using references to the biological organization of the ecosystem, the design works its way from the smallest unit to the intelligence of the overall system. By use of parametric modeling of a behavioral logic the system gets constantly optimized. Designed by LAVA, this biomorphic project is inspired by nature, and attempts to conceive a structure of great lightness, efficiency and elegance, using advanced design techniques.
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“Dim Sum” Rocking Chair by Montis

Netherlands company Montis created contemporary rocking chair Dim Sum. The chair looks extremely comfortable and the inclusion of wood in the design, which refers to the traditional notion of a rocking chair, helps to domesticise the feel of the piece. The tagline of this design is “relax with a smile”. And this is true. Take a look!

Awesome Illustrations by Nithin Rao Kumblekar

This time we want to show you photos and illustration all-in-one. This artistically inspired series created by Indian illustrator Nithin Rao Kumblekar combines photography with artistic illustration. Each shot in the series has a completely unique theme which makes this set also worth checking out. Take a look!

Stunning Landscapes by Tom Nagy

Tom Nagy is well known as talented advertising photographer. But today we want to show you Tom’s the most spectacular photographs – his great landscapes. Take a look and you will be amazed. Enjoy!
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