Pumpkin Room by edg Creatives

David Ho of edg Creatives designed a pumpkin shaped brainstorming room and matching partition walls for their office in Beijing, China. “Polycarbonate panels with transparent sections are used to bring the activity and energy of the two first floor meeting rooms into view. The wall partitions are constructed with two of these panels and are fitted around a steel structure. These partitions are illuminated by fluorescent tubes so that in the evening the meeting rooms resemble a light box with a futuristic feel. A pumpkin shaped brainstorming room on the second floor is meant to encourage the collaboration and creative thinking of our designers. Ho says the concept is inspired by the fairytale “Cinderella” in which a pumpkin was magically transformed into a horse drawn carriage, making Cinderella’s dreams come true.” Take a look!

Leaf Door Stop by Qualy

No matter what time of the year it is, it will always be autumn in your home. This doorstop by Qualy looks like a leaf that’s been blown into the house, but it’s actually a rubbery and effective doorstop. Created in an autumnal colour, this doorstop will slip under most door to keep them open. It will bring you memories of the those cool fall afternoons when the leaves are falling to the ground.
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Nautilus II Table by Marc Fish

Take a look at the second edition of Nautilus Table created by Marc Fish. “Nautilus was born in an environment of artist freedom: an experimental piece that has embraced modern computer aided technology and combined it with innovative constructional techniques. The layering of over 4000 individual pieces of walnut and sycamore veneer has created the logarithmic spiral found within the Nautilus shell. The proportions of the Nautilus shell never change, no matter how large their growth: these proportions follow the classical order of the Golden Ratio. ..." Take a look!

Volcanic Basalt Furniture by Maffam Freeform

Today we will show not only single example of creative furniture but the whole collection. The following line of indoor/outdoor furniture and objects are made from volcanic basalt fibers and natural resin. This line was created by company Maffam Freeform headed by Latvian designer Raimonds Cirulis. The shapes and textures of the pieces are beautiful and just as interesting as the material they’re made from. Take a look!

Stunning Paintings by Dennis Wojtkiewicz

Take a look at stunning paintings of Ohio artist, Dennis Wojtkiewicz. He explores the sensitive nature of time in his oversized oil paintings of fruit and flowers. The transitory nature of his subject matter is encapsulated, transfixed and glorified with hightened photorealism. Light and translucence make these paintings glow. Nature’s perfect patterning allows each painting to take on a meditative quality.
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Loose Leashes Photos by Ron Schmidt

Take a look at the following cute photos and they will surely make your day! Loose Leashes started as a series of holiday images that Ron Schmidt created to send to family, friends and clients. The photos were an instant hit and Ron’s niche was found. He and his wife, Amy, founded the Loose Leashes in 2004. Ron has since then has gone on to create smart and witty images for dog lovers all around the world. Have fun!
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Famous Musician Portraits from Their Own CDs

For the inauguration of First Floor Under, a pop-vanguard culture magazine, artists Moreno De Turco and Mirco Pagano spent more than 200 hours lining up the CDs to recreate the portraits of seven world-famous musicians: Bob Marley, Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison, Jimmy Hendrix, Michael Jackson, James Brown, and Freddie Mercury. Take a look!
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