Amazing Paintings by Mary Jane Ansell

Today we will show you amazingly realistic paintings of Mary Jane Ansell. Mary Jane Ansell graduated from Brighton University in 1994 and currently works from her studio in Brighton’s North Laine. She has exhibited with the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and has won numerous awards. Ansell was also a finalist for the BP Portrait Award in 2004 and 2009. Take a look at her paintings and you will like it for sure.
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Vegetable Jewelry – the Preciousness of Nature

The following jewelry item are made of actual vegetables and aren’t supposed to be worn. This project called “Vegetable Jewelry – the preciousness of nature” was created by Ventzislav Iliev, photographer from Sofia, Bulgaria. “The idea for the project comes from a student work and is to express one way vegetables can fit in a fashion magazine, by making them look like jewelry.” Take a look!
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Stunning Scapes by Jakob Wagner

Today we want to show you great landscapes by Jakob Wagner, young photographer from Düsseldorf, Germany. In this collection you will see beautiful photos and different scapes – stunning seascapes, urban nightscapes, photos of misty forests or calm seashores. Each photo creates certain mood and we hope you will like this collection! Enjoy!
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Asian-Inspired Furniture Collection “Fiore”

The following Asian-inspired furniture collection from B-alance is called Fiore and consists of modular set of sofas, coffee tables and footstools. The elegantly curved pieces call to mind the balance of yin and yang. Their curves allow to perfectly snuggle up to one another, creating all kinds of creative configurations. And dark rattan frames and plush white cushions would bring style and sophistication to any patio or deck. Take a look!

Underwater Hotel

Innovative hotel with 21 underwater rooms will be constructed 33 feet (10 m) beneath the surface of the sea in Dubai. Designed by DOT, unique hotel will consist of two UFO inspired buildings, one above water and one below. The guests will be able to admire the beauty of the ocean while making the most of the warm climate. Water Discus luxury hotel will also have swimming pools, diving center, restaurant with delicious food, underwater bar, emergency air stations, underwater scooters, and submarines for deep-sea exploration.
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Knife Typography

Unusual and creative art installation by talented Iranian artist Farhad Moshiri. “Life is Beautiful” was written on the wall with hundreds of sharp knives.
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Creative Lunch Meals

Every morning, Heather Sitarzewski makes amazing lunch meal for her son. Wonderful sandwich art creations look like iconic characters from popular movies, video games, and cartoons. Awesome school lunches!

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