Amazing photos by Michael Poliza

Let us show amazing photos created by German photographer Michael Poliza. Michael Poliza is a photographer based in Cape Town and a pioneer in the use of digital photography fot illustrated books. All photos were taking from his boook "Antarctic: A Tribute to Life in Polar Regions". Take a look!
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Creative plates by Bogusław Śliwiński

Polish designer Boguslaw Sliwinski designed the ceramic plates and produces them to order in 20 or 26cm diametre versions. If you or your child is having a problem eating their sprouts, this could be the cure.

Green Walls

Many offices are sterile environments only intersected with bland concrete walls. But what if you could bring nature into an office environment? Swedish Greenworks has come up with a range of products that do just that. With plant walls, mobile plant dividers, and picture frames with plants. It is a brilliant idea. Not just because green plants look pretty, but also because natural foliage helps clean the air and absorbs sound (a big problem in modern offices).

Bottomless Elevator 3D Illusion

Creative optical illusion at Southside shopping centre in London tricked people into thinking that the floor of the elevator has collapsed. When the doors opened, scared people were only a step away from falling into a deep elevator shaft. Or at least that is what it seemed… 3D Illusion of a hole in the middle of the elevator was created to prepare the British public for the launch of Alton Towers Resort’s new attraction -Terrifying. Terrifying ride will take you underground beneath the theme park into a system of dark and scary caves.
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House on Wheels

Beautiful 125 square foot house designed by Ann Holley and Darren Macca. ProtoHaus was made out of wood and recycled materials. It has modern kitchen, tiny bathroom, and small bedroom with comfortable bed. The house is built with the concern of sustainability, functionality, and aesthetics. Mobile house is powered by solar energy. This means that you can live completely off the grid. It looks really functional as well as cozy.
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Artworks with Coffee Cups

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Steampunk Insects

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