Colored socks

Selection and matching ideal socks to dress is a sign of a great sense of style and the latest trends and fashion cosmic consciousness. We are pleased to be observed that our streets will see more people focusing on the item of clothing.
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Minimalist jewelry

Many women love jewelry, but more often we focus on small accents, gently emphasizing our beauty and dress. That is why we present you a wide selection of minimalist accessories.
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One of the oldest and largest trees in the world

Huge trunk and incredible range - are the characteristics of "Tree of Tule". The tree is very impressive.
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Magical Portraits of Ukrainian Photographer Anita Anti

Inspired by fairy tales from around the world, Anita Anti, a Ukrainian photographer based in New York, takes beautiful portraits of women and animals in forests that seem to pulsate with magical energy and melancholy. Some of her photos seem based on specific stories, while others simply create a fairy-tale-like setting, allowing the viewer to fill in the blanks with their own fantasies.
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Eagle View Suite of Iso Syöte Hotel in Finland

In a northern European National Park the Iso Syöte Hotel in Finland offer to their guest a unique and luxurious hotel suite, called the Eagle View Suite. It is located on top of the south corner of the hotelwing. A hotel suite with a 360º degree full view, even the roof is made of glass so that you won’t miss out on anything! At any time there is the connection with the nature, a free view over surrounding hills and forest and into the sky. This amazing suite is divided in two floors, downstairs you can find the living room with a nice fireplace, and a bathroom that includes a sauna. It also has a tree that grows in the middle of it, and its branches grow up to the 2nd floor, there you can find the bedroom, and a Jacuzzi, to relax as you enjoy the amazing forest views.
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Hütte Hut Trailer

Below you can see this sleek teardrop trailer called a Hütte Hut (“Hütte” in German also means hut). The Hütte Hut is hand-built by the husband-and-wife team of Brian and Katrina Manzo at Sprouting Sprocket Studio in Carpinteria, California. This wood-and-canvas tent on wheels offers a small but charming space to rest on your journey, featuring plenty of natural light and eye-catching exterior that will surely stand out on the interstate. It’s a prototype at this point, but the couple envisions future versions to be built with a computer-controlled wood-cutting machine.

Metal Furniture Project - In The Fog

Ukrainian designer Dmitry Kozinenko has created a series of metal shelving pieces named “In The Fog”. Thanks to their dotted structure it seems that shelf or cabinet is disappearing in the fog.

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