Nowhere Near Here

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By Pahnl:
If life is a catwalk, run like a dog.

'Nowhere Near Here' is a stop motion animation that uses a combination of light with stencils and long exposure photography to tell the story of a dog running around the city at night, doing whatever a dog does. The animation was first exhibited at the The Herbert, in Coventry, on the 7th October 2010.

With well over 300 hours in the making, more than 200 stencils involved and too many cold nights spent outside on my knees getting the shots, I am very happy (and relieved) to finally share this with you. Through the course of shooting 'Nowhere Near Here', I have dealt with curious drunks, a dog almost peeing on the camera (the irony is not lost on me, haha), the endlessly suspicious police and even someone nearly running off with a tripod.

This is street art, this is life and thank you for watching.
Nowhere Near Here

Nowhere Near Here

Nowhere Near Here

Nowhere Near Here

Nowhere Near Here

Nowhere Near Here

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